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Jon Dee Graham

Jon Dee Graham USA

It’s A Big Sweet Life.

I’ve pulled a thorn from the paw of the lion, and I’ve snatched the fang from the jaws of the snake.

Austin, Texas legend Jon Dee Graham’s work is a continual exploration of The Mystery, a chronicling of the eternal battles between the demons of darkness and the bright lights of hope, faith and love. You need a strong heart, a true heart, to defy the danger and remain convinced of the power of the human spirit. Jon Dee’s songs float with an economic grace but crackle with the confidence of a man who carries terror and pain in his back pocket.

I wouldn’t mind writing like you write, except I wouldn’t like having to bleed to death on stage every night. – James McMurtry

He’s the only three-time inductee to the Austin Music Hall of Fame; as a solo artist in 2000, as a member of the Skunks in 2008 and in 2009 as a member of the True Believers. Readers of the Austin Chronicle named him “Austin Musician of the Year” in 2006, and later that year he was the subject of Mark Finklepearl’s documentary, “Swept Away.”

A consummate showman, a masterful guitarist, a peerless songwriter and, above all, a man who loves music…revered by fans and fellow musicians alike.
- Christel Loar, PopMatters

Arrangör är Anders Damberg.

OBS! Separat förköp av konsertbiljett krävs, även om ni bokar bord. Konsertbiljetter måste alltså förköpas via länken nedan i samband med bordsbokning. På vår restaurang kan du njuta av både sushi, sashimi & varma grillrätter. Åldersgräns 18 år eller i målsmans sällskap.


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