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Anders Hagberg Quartet

Anders Hagberg Quartet & SE-Quartet

Jazzkväll på East West

Anders Hagberg is a Swedish musician and composer who plays flutes and soprano saxophone. He has toured worldwide with groups such as Mynta, Yggdrasil and New Jungle Orchestra with artists like Marilyn Mazur, Anders Jormin and John Tchicai as well as his own projects Winduo and Earthsongs.

With a substantial number of recordings to his name, Anders has also been commissioned to produce music for several films and dance performances. He has collaborated with visual arts in i.e. site specific performances and as a Artist in Residence at the Nordic Watercolor Museum.

… exquisite world jazz, both rhythmically rich and mellifluous… Lira

SE-Quartet is made up of David Ehrlin (saxophone), Rasmus H Thomsen (piano), Antti Ojala (drums) and Martin Sundström (acoustic bass), and is an inter-nordic collaboration with Rasmus H Thomsen as the Danish representative, as well as three Swedish musicians.
The Quartet met for the first time in 2007 when Rasmus H Thomsen recorded his widely acclaimed album SE. From the first note, the 4 musicians found a common musical ground in their way of playing, and so it was an obvious step to establish the band SE-Quartet.


Mån - Tor 11:00 - 21:00
Fre - Lör 11:00 - 21:00
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