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House Of Trees

House Of Trees & Conrad Vingoe (UK)

After a busy and productive year on the road House Of Trees are following up their critically acclaimed album ‘Painted Gold’ with a new release (Where’s the butcher, where’s the baker?) To promote the album the Swedish based jazz / folk act are are out on the road driving and playing all over Europe this year and now you find them in Örebro at East West.

Their heady blend of crooked jazz melodies against a backdrop of twisted folky fairy tale stories have captivated audiences all over europe in the past year and the group has received rave reviews for both their live and recorded performances.

Musically they are often described as if Billie Holiday was singing Kurt Weill songs in a Tim Burton movie. The group is a Swedish/English mix that blend jazz, folk and a pinch of classical to deliver a musical and lyrical journey from melancholic fairytales through dark blues to earthy jazz tunes. The darkness of the songs however is always counterbalanced with a sense of irony, a scary story dramatically portrayed but always with a wink and a smile.

Their performances are full of this feeling, as if we have been allowed to glimpse through a keyhole, a momentary glance at something both familiar and bizarre, the unraveling of something that is all together terrible and beautiful, melancholic and amusing.

House Ot Trees webpage
Conrad Vingoes webpage


Mån - Tor 11:00 - 21:00
Fre - Lör 11:00 - 21:00
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